1. Alex & Emily (Part II)

    So I was lucky enough to have been blessed with shooting Alex & Emily’s City Hall wedding with probably the best snowfall of the season so far—the best looking anyway.  We avoided Snowpocalypse and the two, along with a small group of family, celebrated their union with true New York City style ceremony and some Chinatown eats at Joe’s Shanghai. All and all, an extremely cute day!

  2. Tomi & Jacob on Brooklyn Bride!

    How fun is this?  I love love love it when we get featured, I especially love it when our subject gets a Too-Cool-For-School Stamp.  Nice job, Tomi & Jacob! (I know we all wish we were half as cute)

  3. So nice we decided to post them twice. Here are some more pics of Ryan and Rachel.

  4. This is Ryan and Rachel who will be getting married this winter in Kentucky. Ryan, a football coach, and his lovely bride to be, Rachel, who is a model, wanted to show how different they are. We spent the afternoon at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, in Brooklyn and then hopped over to Times Square. They really are too cute for words. 

  5. This is one of the first weddings we ever shot. We captured this lovely couple in Long Island, New York. The wedding was absolutely beautiful.

  6. Bride: Pauline

    Groom: Andrew

    This adorable couple got married in early July in Dumbo, Brooklyn. It was super fun and it was beautiful day for such a cute wedding.

  7. Dove + Sparrow Featured on Martha Stewart’s Blog

    Oh my goodness, the wedding of adorable Mieun and Till were featured in Martha Stewart’s wedding blog! Click here or here for more photos of their unforgettable day.