1. Bryan & Ali’s Manhattan Engagement

  2. Chris and Krista’s Vintage Inspired Engagement Shoot

    A special thanks to the folks at FIND Furniture store in Gowanus, Brooklyn.  Not only are they a neighborhood favorite, but they were kind enough to open their store for Chris & Krista’s engagement shoot!

  3. Gabe and Danielle

    I photographed Gabe, Danielle and their little one, Oliver, in their super cute apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Besides being crazy adorable, they have impeccable taste.  We spent the day taking a short-tour of their favorite weekend activiites; Brooklyn Smorgasbord, walk the Wiliamsburg Bridge, and a relaxing neighborhood bike ride.

  4. Alex & Emily

    I shot Alex and Emily this past weekend.  Although we prepared for cold weather, it was surprisingly warm that day, allowing us to run around for a few hours. 

    Alex & Emily have had a whirlwind romance, the two originally met a few years ago in a marital arts class.  Between Russia, Vancouver, and New York City the two fell in love and are getting hitched in January.  We chose to go with an all New-Yorker themed shoot to welcome Alex back to the good-ole’ U.S. of A.

    definitely my favorite shot…

    It also happened to be SantaCon that day, so we found a few friends…

  5. Tomi & Jacob on Brooklyn Bride!

    How fun is this?  I love love love it when we get featured, I especially love it when our subject gets a Too-Cool-For-School Stamp.  Nice job, Tomi & Jacob! (I know we all wish we were half as cute)

  6. So nice we decided to post them twice. Here are some more pics of Ryan and Rachel.

  7. This is Ryan and Rachel who will be getting married this winter in Kentucky. Ryan, a football coach, and his lovely bride to be, Rachel, who is a model, wanted to show how different they are. We spent the afternoon at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, in Brooklyn and then hopped over to Times Square. They really are too cute for words.